Taking your first ride with Lyft

Once you are approved to drive Lyft the next step is to take your first ride.

  1. Go on the road
  2. Pick up a passenger
  3. Use the navigation
  4. Drop off your passenger at the destination
  5. Repeat and earn

Go on the road

Open Lyft app

Turn on driver mode. Simply log in to the Lyft app and tap the OFF/ON button at the top center

Go to a busy area. Think city centers, popular intersections, and event arenas, especially if a pop star like Taylor Swift is performing…

Turn your volume up and watch your phone for a ride request. Once the alert appears, you have 15 seconds to tap the screen to accept it.

Pick up a passenger

When you accept a ride, the passenger location shows up on your screen. Drive to that location, if you don’t know the directions to the pick up location just hit the NAVIGATE button to start you GPS Navigation

When in front of the location, pull over. Pick a safe, legal spot that’s as close to their pickup location as possible.

Press ARRIVE in the Lyft app. This notifies your passenger that you’re outside.

When the passenger gets into your car please confirm their name. This reduces the chance of picking up the wrong passenger.

Use the navigation

To setup your navigation, when you open the Lyft app, go to SETTINGS, here you can choose Google Maps or Waze (if you have it installed) as your default navigation app.

Drop off your passenger at the destination

Once arrived at the destination press DROP OFF button in your Lyft app. Next step you will be asked to rate your passenger. Please give an accurate rating. If you rate a passenger low, Lyft will try not to match you again with that passenger so please keep that in mind.

Repeat and earn

Your app will return to the driving mode and Lyft will be able to send you new rides. Repeat the process and earn more.

As always, drive safe!

or insert the code “LEVKE” when you sing-up.
or insert the code “LEVKE” when you sing-up.
or insert the code “CLAUDIU836323” when you sing-up.
or insert the code “6V7VMD” when you sing-up.
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